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Angola counts 1,650km of marine coast and a marine area of 162,000 miles. The main Angolan ports are : Luanda, Lobito, Cabinda and Soyo. The oil exploration and production in Angola operates in Blocks and certain group of Blocks reports to a port ( Block 17 reports to Luanda port, Block 15 report to Soyo Port, and Block 0 reports to Cabinda port). AFC MERCY Ships Agency Department ensures that your vessel benefits of full 24/7 days of support in compliance with respective port rules of operation and of activities would entail the following list:

  • Vessel / Rig Temporary Importation
  • Inward and Outward Clearance
  • Outsource of port permits for various tasks planned within the port limit
  • Daily Vessel Situation report to owners
  • Other Ships Agent´s related tasks as per vessel requirements and charter´s needs.
  • Owners protecting ships agent


Our vessel logistics services provides vessel with following activities:

Husbandry matters

Which includes crew visas, crew change arrangements, embarkation and disembarkation, Meet & Greet with Airport Transfers, Hotel booking, crew onshore assistance.

Freight Forwarding:

We assist vessels with spare part import and export, equipment storage and transportation.

Local Procurement aid:

Which includes outsourcing of ship food provision. From local ship chandlers, outsource vessel deck, cabin and engine stores and maintenance and inspection services.
AFC Mercy vessel logistics services

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