AFC Mercy briefing to the Business Year

“Our mission is to establish sustainable partnerships through the delivery of integrated offshore and onshore support services to oil and gas companies.”

Since its foundation, what has been the evolution of the company?

Our mission is to establish sustainable partnerships through the delivery of integrated offshore and onshore support services to oil and gas companies. Angola is eagerly seeking to attract foreign investments and new operators, so we found a business opportunity in protecting the interests of investors seeking to operate in Angola by making their integration into the Angolan market easier through the use of AFC MERCY. We provide solid local know-how about doing business in Angola. Some still find it difficult to invest because the regulations are complicated, some claim the routine operations are bureaucratic, and there is only a very short timeframe for final investment decisions (FID). We are a one-stop-shop forum in which clients can connect with various available services and, after some time, acquire an understanding of the market. At that stage, they can decide if they want to stay and register their companies in the country; however, it is a decision they cannot make unless they have solid information.

Can you give us some examples of successful projects being delivered in Angola with the support of AFC MERCY?

We offer a local content consulting service for offshore projects, delivered through our reliable international network of partners, mainly from South Africa. Services include asset integrity, rig maintenance, and inspection services, engineering services, NDT inspections, and more, and this is delivered in Angola in partnership with AXESS GROUP. We also have STCW- and OPITO-approved training from South Africa for Angolan nationals seeking qualifications as ratings and officers forming part of navigation and engineering watches on board merchant vessels. Angola continues to work on its struggle to pass the IMO assessment for proper implementation of STCW requirements under its administration. Until Angola becomes IMO whitelisted, Angola seafarers continue to travel abroad to obtain certification of competence. AFC MERCY’s partner in South Africa, SEATRAIN, has successfully trained a considerable number of Angolans who currently are sailing as captains, chief officers, engineers and officers of the watch, etc. We also focus on improving the operational experience of existing companies through efficient logistic support to vessels and rigs operating in Angola.

Will the regulations that are being established boost foreign investment in the offshore sector?

Previously, by law, foreign companies seeking to enter Angola had to have a local partner to jointly run the newly registered JV company. The country is now trying to be more flexible and has removed such requirements. This is a great improvement on the legal aspect for investors, which is also added with strong support from National Bank to easily export revenues earned in Angola.


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